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Art Naija Series

The Art Naija Series is a sequence of themed e-anthologies of writing and visual art exploring different aspects of Nigerianness. The first, Enter Naija: The Book of Places (Oct., 2016), focuses on cities in Nigeria. The second, Work Naija: The Book of Vocations (June, 2017), focuses on professions in Nigeria. Both anthologies were published by Brittle …

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A Statement

As a writer and journalist, I work from fact, my understanding of necessary truth, and a sense of responsibility. This is the case with my report of a novelist and state First Lady’s curious comments on her son’s threat, in ethnic diatribe, to gang-rape a Twitter User’s mother. Personally, I find the threat offensive and …

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Literary Agencies: Here Are 21 Interested in African Writers

Last month, prompted by an associate, I searched for and found my LITERARY AGENCIES SUBMISSIONS folder, containing information about most of the agents I queried between 2015 and 2017. The list was forwarded to a network of African writers, which is the point: helping other writers find their ways. Like in every other industry, crucial …

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