A Visit to Centre for Memories: Photos of Biafra

I think it was on February 8 that I visited Centre for Memories in Enugu, a hub for Igbo history and culture staging an exhibition of images and reports of the Biafran War. I never came around to sharing the photos I took. I am doing so today, May 30, the 53rd year since the start of a completely avoidable war. Let us always remember Biafra, the millions of Easterners murdered, most of whom died from starvation. Let us remember, too, that none of the causes of the War have been remedied in today’s Nigeria. Let us remember to always, always point this out to the many forces seeking to rewrite history with lies.

(Speaking of: my novel-about-to-be-finished has a female journalist following up on today’s Biafra agitation.)

Check out the photos.

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