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The Coo of a Blue-Plumed Bird

A Pop Concert by Chance

  Sunday nightfall, I’m bored—actually I feel like munching succulent bread and Vita Milk—so Friend and I go to Spar. We are surprised to see

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6 Things This Week

  Literature I have been touring the 2018 archives of African literary magazines for a Brittle Paper project. I resumed reading Miles Morland’s memoir Cobra

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The Feet of Drogba

  I was 13 when I fell in love with the whole of Didier Drogba. I had freshly become a football follower, a stubborn Chelsea

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Memorial Garden

From “Blue Lake, Small Island,” snippets of an un-noted experience.    It was 11 a.m. when we gathered in the backyard and left for the

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A Language Problem

From “Blue Lake, Small Island,” snippets of an un-noted experience.   Four or so minutes after we touched down in Bole International Airport in Addis

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