“A thoroughly modern epic but with bones as old as time. This is a story of love and betrayal and madness and music that is all the more beautiful for its plainspoken poignancy. Yet there is prose in here that steals your breath away.”

— The Gerald Kraak Award (on “You Sing of a Longing”)

“A rending story of friendship and desire.”

— Transition Magazine (on “A Tenderer Blessing”)

“A lovely coming-of-age story…about a young boy and Christian Brother which I assume is set in Nigeria, but could easily be a church community in Ireland or Argentina, if the names were changed.”

The Review Review (on “Mulumba”)

“Utterly brilliant… [Otosirieze]…has a good eye for generative ideas and knows how to make fellow writers and artists care about an idea well enough to produce their best work.”

— Ainehi Edoro (on the Art Naija Series)

“Vibrant, lush… Each city blessed by the sensitivities of these young writers come alive. An unusual collection. What a concept…talking back to home.”

— Ikhide R. Ikheloa (on Enter Naija: The Book of Places)

“Thought-provoking portraitures. Inspires you to reflect. The privilege of experiencing some of Nigeria’s most stimulating artists of the younger generation playing hard. Gorgeous. Timely.”

— Rotimi Babatunde (on Work Naija: The Book of Vocations)

 “An urgency…that goes beyond the character…about our longings as human beings, and what it takes to fulfill them.”

— Gaamangwe Joy Mogami, Africa in Dialogue (on “You Sing of a Longing”)

“Considering the liberal cosmopolitan worldview that inspires this visionary work, one is inclined to pitch tents with Obi-Young.”

— Emeka Ugwu, The Chimurenga Chronic (on Enter Naija: The Book of Places)

“A story of a young musician and his struggle to accept himself and his sexuality…poignantly beautiful and lingers long in the mind.”

TheLuvvie (on “You Sing of a Longing”)



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