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Otosirieze Obi-Young

“An ambitious new magazine that is committed to African literature.”

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (on Open Country Mag)

“At 25 he has become one of the grand old men of Nigerian literature. A discerning judge of cutting edge writing.”

— Miles Morland, Founder of Miles Morland Foundation

“Essential content, beautiful production. Talent will read it for opportunities, readers can get inside the literature, and industry insiders can discover new talent.”
Bernardine Evaristo (on Open Country Mag)

“A thoroughly modern epic but with bones as old as time. This is a story of love and betrayal and madness and music that is all the more beautiful for its plainspoken poignancy. Yet there is prose in here that steals your breath away.”

— The Gerald Kraak Prize (on “You Sing of a Longing”)

“A story of a young musician and his struggle. . . poignantly beautiful and lingers long in the mind.”

TheLuvvie (on “You Sing of a Longing”)

“An urgency. . . that goes beyond the character. . . about our longings as human beings, and what it takes to fulfill them.”

Africa in Dialogue (on “You Sing of a Longing”)

“As readers, we feel almost as though we’ve been holding our breath the whole story, waiting for him to finally say it. We feel almost as though we have ourselves come out.”

— Erik Gleibermann, Los Angeles Review of Books (on “A Tenderer Blessing”)

“A rending story of friendship and desire.”

— Transition (on “A Tenderer Blessing”)

“A lovely coming-of-age story. . . about a young boy and Christian Brother which I assume is set in Nigeria, but could easily be a church community in Ireland or Argentina, if the names were changed.”

— David Morgan O’Connor, The Review Review (on “Mulumba”)

“Vibrant, lush. . . Each city blessed by the sensitivities of these young writers come alive. An unusual collection. What a concept. . . talking back to home.”

— Ikhide R. Ikheloa (on Enter Naija: The Book of Places)

“Thought-provoking portraitures. Inspires you to reflect. The privilege of experiencing some of Nigeria’s most stimulating artists of the younger generation playing hard. Gorgeous. Timely.”

— Rotimi Babatunde (on Work Naija: The Book of Vocations)

“Considering the liberal cosmopolitan worldview that inspires this visionary work, one is inclined to pitch tents with Obi-Young.”

— Emeka Ugwu, The Chimurenga Chronic (on Enter Naija: The Book of Places)

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