An unpublished collection of nine short stories set in Nigeria—most of them in Nsukka and Aba, and two partly in Akure and Lagos. The manuscript is controlled by the British agent David Godwin and is currently being considered by publishers.


A Tenderer Blessing” in Transition, Issue 118: We Can Be Lightning (Sept. 2015), republished in Brittle Paper (June 2017), withdrawn (April 2020)

Mulumba” in The Threepenny Review, Issue 145, Spring 2016 (March 2016), republished on my blog (Aug. 2019)

“You Sing of a Longing” in Pride and Prejudice: African Perspectives on Gender, Social Justice, and Sexuality, Jacana Media (May 2017)

A Sheltered Life” (excerpt from a longer story of a different title) in 14, Vol. 2: The Inward Gaze (Jan. 2018)


Foreword to The Heart of the Matter, the Gerald Kraak Prize anthology vol. III (June 2019)

“Do You Feel Me?” Introduction to The Vanguard Book of Love Stories (Feb. 2019)

The Confessional Generation.” Introduction to Selves: An Afro Anthology of Creative Nonfiction (Feb. 2018)

Foreword to Stanley McDaniels’ poetry chapbook Entrapment (Oct. 2017)


Inside Nigerian Literature’s Sponsorship Problem and the Worsening Struggle between Prizes and Defaulting Funders” in Brittle Paper (Oct. 2019)

How Short Story Day Africa Became the Continent’s Most Important Institution for Short Fiction” in Brittle Paper (June 2018)

Queer Literature in Africa Is Not a Trend, Has Always Existed?” in Brittle Paper (Nov. 2017)

Man, Feminist” in Praxis Magazine’s International Women’s Day Anthology 2017 (Oct. 2017)

Imperialism-in-Artistry: Why Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize Win Proves Adichie Is Right About Beyonce” in Brittle Paper (Oct. 2016)

Half of a Yellow Sun: A Decade On” in Brittle Paper (June 2016)


The Coo of a Blue-Plumed Bird” in Koroba (Dec. 2016)

The Lion in Harmattan” in Brittle Paper (Nov. 2016)

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